The Growth of Video

Video hasn’t killed the radio star, yet…

The rise of video as a popular form of content is set to grow in 2020/2021. Figures from the influential international expert forum BBN Times show that in 2019 ‘visual content grabbed 80% of consumer internet traffic.’ And in December 2019, the advertiser’s bible, Campaign has forecast that ‘online video and social media will grow by 16.6% and 13.8% a year on average, respectively.’




Why is video so popular?

You only have to look at the video star Zoella to understand just how popular video and vlogging content has become. This 30 year old can command some enviable statistics, boasting an impressive 1.1billion views for her YouTube videos and 842 million for her vlogs. She is seen as an authority on a huge number of subjects from lifestyle tips to ‘the ultimate pizza taste test’ - the woman never stops.


Part of the reason for her success is that she posts regularly, her videos and vlogs are engaging, at times a tad surreal and, she makes her viewers laugh. Laughter is also cited by the marketing agency Zazzle Media as one of the reasons behind the popularity of video. Consumers love to watch a light hearted video rather than read a long-winded, jargon-ridden piece of prose - yawn.


Content marketing

No one likes being preached at, and videos often succeed where other types of content fail. If you want your website, app or social media channel to become the hot topic around the water cooler then video is the way forward. Content marketing is complex. The customer is as important as your mission to give them the facts about your products. A blog can convey a serious message and attract custom. A video can engage with more potential consumers. Visual creation really does fulfil the adage that a ‘picture paints a thousand words’.


What about sales?

Converting a potential customer into an engaged consumer, who actually spends time on your website and then buys something, is also more viable through the medium of video. Creators Wyzowl suggest, through a recent survey, that ‘80% of video marketers say that video has helped increase sales’. The company also states that ‘83% of video marketers confirm that video has helped them generate leads’.


Post on your own app

The popularity of both Netflix and YouTube attest to the increasing popularity of the video revolution. Now is the time to take back control of your own video content and host it on a single platform. Eagle-eyed marketeers are already using their own platforms alongside social media sites to keep all their video content together with blogs, podcasts, courses and any other valuable tools.


We are unique

SupaPass apps and websites allow you the flexibility that your business needs.

Our apps allow top-quality video streaming for our clients. The added bonus is that we believe that to build your online business you should own your data and relationship with your customers, instead of only building your audience on “rented land”, like Facebook, YouTube or Amazon.


SupaPass apps


Your business is unique, and with our apps you can create and develop your own content for your brand and your consumers.