We helped clients increase their revenue 25%-1200%

“The boundless sense of the possible” - we’re on a mission to make 2021 even better for our entrepreneurs and creators, after accelerating their growth tenfold in 2020!


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2020 was not the year many of us expected.  As we move into 2021, we’re reflecting at SupaPass on the last 12 months, and look ahead to a new year.

My favourite quote this week is “There’s no fear. There’s no limit. Just the boundless sense of the possible”, from Vincent Moon’s PEOPLE documentary.

That’s how we feel at SupaPass.  Despite the challenges of the pandemic we are proud to have been able to help fearless entrepreneurs and creators build success and break boundaries for themselves.  We have enabled innovation and leaders to accelerate as trailblazers in their niche. 

At SupaPass we try to make the impossible possible, and love helping our entrepreneurs and creators do more than they ever could before.

This became even more important this year, as the Pandemic raged across the world.  Through their SupaPass powered apps and websites, our entrepreneurs and creators not only survived, they thrived, increasing their revenue tenfold!


At a time where the economy is suffering, where advertising revenues are down by up to 50% and where UK GDP contracted by 20.4% quarter-on-quarter, content creators across the board are looking into how they can continue to generate revenue and better monetize their content. In the arts sector, it has been particularly tough as venues remain closed and live events have been forced to switch to online.

The powerful unique SupaPass technology has helped entrepreneurs and creators get paid and transition their business and customers online quickly during the first lockdown.

SupaPass has worked closely with businesses and creators to provide new opportunities for revenue growth, identifying that subscription-based services serving content to their audience can thrive even in the most difficult of economic circumstances.



When looking at the first three months of lockdown compared to the previous period, SupaPass client The Arts Channel, a Netflix-style platform for Arts and Culture founded by film director Tony Britten, saw a 278% revenue increase


Motivational Life, a wellness meditation app founded by celebrity hypnotherapist Joel Thielke, saw a 630% revenue increase.





push notifications appBut perhaps the best example of this comes from Grammy Award-winning musician Imogen Heap, who recorded more than tenfold increase in revenue from her own subscription service during the coronavirus pandemic. Hosted by the SupaPass website and app building software, Imogen’s 'Heapster' superfans are able to access her VIP content at any price point, ranging from £2 to £250. This content includes around 500 tracks and videos to stream, including unreleased content, exclusive blogs, ‘making ofs’ and private listening parties.

Imogen Heap said “During lockdown I rekindled the connection with many fans through my imogenheap.app and am so grateful. Lots of demos being shared and thoughts, insights and discussions held that have no place in the wider public domain. The subscriptions have helped go toward the huge lack of income due to theatres being shut but more than the money, has been the emotional support and encouragement that I’ve experienced over the last half a year from the Heapsters, who’s friendships are also flourishing across the globe with one another.”



We have also been helping events, from large conferences to smaller workshops, to move online. In giving them a powerful 'Watch Again' app, we make it easy to share private content after the event, solving the challenges around cumbersome files, emails and access. The Podfest Conference received a Guinness World Record for 'the most podcasters to attend a virtual conference' and SupaPass made their 'Watch Again' app to help them grow their community and membership all year round.



Subscription services for super-fans offer a crucial lifeline for content creators. Coinciding with the global move to content streaming, creators have seen considerable success when they have doubled down on creating a specific destination online where they can own 100% of their revenue, and form a direct relationship with their audience.

The SupaPass platform allows any content creator to launch their own Netflix-style app and website instantly. A range of businesses and entrepreneurs across Podcasting, Conferences & Events, Fitness & Wellbeing, Music, TV & Film, Charities and Online Training now have the opportunity to better monetise their content and connect with their audiences during this difficult time.

We have big plans for 2021, and we can’t wait to work with many more wonderful entrepreneurs and creators to give them the tools they need to accelerate their growth online!


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